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Q: How far in advance can I reserve my date?
A: You can book a date for your wedding up to 24 months in advance.

Q: Do rates vary based on different days of week or different times of day? Seasons?
A: Yes, we do offer a variety of different prices depending on the day, time of day, and season you choose.  Allow us to discuss the options with you!

Q: How many hours are included in my reception package? How early can we arrive and how late can we stay?
A: Our reception package runs at a minimum of 4.5 hours to a max of 6 hours.  You may arrive 1 before the start of our event.

Q: Are there noise restrictions?
A: No, All events occur during the town approved event time block.

Q: Are there décor restrictions?
A: Catering by Uptown provides an assortment of different linens, uplighting, china, etc. to make your event beautiful and unique.  If you should decide to add floral or any other decor, it must be placed and removed by a licensed professional. There are a few acceptions your even specialist can discuss with you.

Q: Will your staff be involved in setting up and breaking down décor? In what capacity?
A: Yes, our staff will set up your décor based on the plan set forth in our planning meetings. You do not need to worry about set up whatsoever.  We will also help you breakdown the décor at the end of your event.

Q: Is parking available onsite? Is valet parking available? Will guests be charged for this service?
A: Yes, there is adequate parking available on site.  No, we do not have a valet parking service but you are more than welcome to hire a valet if you like.

Q: What is the venue’s capacity?
A: Max 250

Q:  Do we have to pay a rental fee?
A:  No, we do not charge a property rental fees as part of our agreement.

Q:  What is the alcohol policy?
A:  All alcohol must be purchased through us (we have a few bar packages to choose from).  No outside liquor/beer/wine is permitted.

Q:  Can you accommodate physically handicapped guests?
A:  Yes, we are ADA compliant.

Q:  Can we hold the rehearsal at the venue?
A:  Yes, you certainly can although, with the planning application we have available to all clients, a physical rehearsal is not necessary.

Q:  Do we have to use the in-house caterer?
A:  Yes, when you hold an event at our venue, you are contracting us for your food and beverage service. We offer award-winning cuisine by area top chefs.  Our menus are diverse and have a wide range of options including Nigerian, Indian, and Ethiopian cuisine.  If there is a menu item you want, ask and we will make it happen.

Q:  Is there a food and beverage minimum?
A:  Yes and that minimum depends on the time and date of your event.

Q:  Can I bring in a cake from an outside vendor?
A:  Yes, you may bring in a cake from an outside vendor, however, be aware that we have a fantastic baker that makes cakes as delicious as they are beautiful.  (Ask to see our wedding cake look book)

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